WOW travel encourages travellers to carefully read the terms & conditions of travel, both for information and enjoyment, before departure. In any event WOW travel is bound by Icelandic law 1994/80 on the rights of consumers booking through travel agencies. WOW travel received its travel agency licence from the Icelandic Tourist Board on 29th February 2012. We look forward to a pleasant trip with you.


WOW travel reserves the right to change quoted prices in line with fluctuations in exchange rates and fuel prices; as well as potential changes to applicable taxes and duties, such as landing fees. The customer will be notified of any change in prices immediately. Prices cannot increase during the final 20 days before departure.
Quoted prices include flights (inclusive of taxes), accommodation and all services mentioned in the advertised trip. Services/events which are not included in the price are always specified. WOW travel reserves the right to correct typing and printing errors in published material.

WOW travel reserves the right to adjust prices or refund tours in cases where the wrong price has been displayed due to human or technical errors.


A service charge of ISK 4,000 is applied to each traveller if trip is booked at a travel agency or through the WOW travel telephone service line. The service charge is non-refundable.


It is possible to purchase cancellation protection at a cost of ISK 4,000 per passenger, which ensures refund of the amount already paid for flights and accommodation, which would not otherwise be refunded. Cancellation protection can only be purchased at the time of initial booking. Customers are encouraged to look into travel insurance they may already have through their credit card provider(s) which may be similar to the above protection. WOW travel nevertheless recommends the purchase of protection. Cancellation protection is useful in case of:
The customer befalling a serious accident or illness (certified by a doctor) which makes the concerned unfit to travel.
The death, serious injury or illness of a partner, parent, child, related child, or sibling of the traveller.
Serious damage to a home or business owned by the concerned individual (must be confirmed with a police report).
The above situations allow the traveller to activate their protection and receive a refund on all costs already paid to WOW travel; except the cancellation protection itself and all costs relating to finance/loans, if applicable.


Trips can be cancelled, without financial penalty, up to one week after booking and no fewer than five weeks before departure. If cancellation is requested four weeks before departure the travel agency reserves the right to withhold refund of the ISK 25,000 deposit. If cancellation is requested with fewer than 28 days' notice, but more than 14 days', the travel agency will retain 50% of the cost of the trip. If cancellation is requested with fewer than 14 days’ notice the travel agency will retain 75% of the cost of the trip. All money paid will be retained by the travel agency on cancellations received four or fewer days before departure.


A ISK 25,000 deposit must be paid within 12 days of booking. All enquiries and information on group travel should be sent to wowtravel@wowtravel.is. It is also possible to speak to an agent by calling (+354) 590 3000.


Travellers bear personal responsibility for arriving on time for organised trips with WOW travel.
WOW travel reserves the right to refuse people access to organised trips if the individual(s) concerned appear to be unfit to travel due to overuse of alcohol and/or drugs.
WOW travel reserves the right to remove people during the course of organised trips if the individual(s) concerned appear to be unfit to travel due to overuse of alcohol and/or drugs.
If problems occur while overseas, travellers should contact their tour guide or make direct contact with WOW travel by emailing wowtravel@wowtravel.is or calling(+354) 590 3000.
WOW travel reserves the right to make changes to these terms & conditions without prior notice.






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